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Starworkers Heart And Soul
Starworkers It's Up To You
Starworkers Jolly Jumper
Starworkers Right By Your Side
Starworkers Rock My World
Starworkers Use Your Charm
Starworkers Some Kind Of Trouble


***Danmark/ Denmark*** ***Sverige/ Sweden***

Kennel Blackamandas
Kennel Golden Djima/ Lijynis

Kennel Erosthymos

Kennel Flatworkers

Kennel Govan

Kennel Hegnets

Kennel Hot News

Kennel Pawfections
Kennel Whizzbang

Kennel Woodstar



Kennel Almanza
Kennel Cacis
Kennel Explicit

Kennel Flatline's

Kennel Fyrstjarnans
Kennel Huntermoon

Kennel Moonstruck

Kennel Toffedreams


***Norge/ Norway***

***Tyskland/ Germany***

Kennel Aniaras
Kennel Covenstead

Kennel Flat Garden

Kennel Flatnews

Kennel Hannemor's

Kennel Klokker?sen

Kennel Simon Says

Kennel Rintilla




Kennel Aphrodites-Answer
Kennel Blackspiritwood

Kennel Flatattacks

Kennel Ingfort
Kennel Seven-Days-Dream
Kennel Stoneyards
Kennel Vom Wildf?rstersee

Kennel Whispering Wind





***Schweiz/ Switzerland***


***Italien/ Italy***

Kennel Dreamlikestar
Kennel Neala's
Kennel Plainfire

Kennel Splashing Waters

Kennel Twilight Star's


Kennel Dakota-Spirit
Kennel Royal-silk

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***Finland/ Finland***


***Belgien/ Belgium***

Kennel Batzi
Kennel Black Eider

Kennel Flareway

Kennel Flatpower

Kennel Flatts
Kennel Harvahampaan

Kennel Meidan
Kennel Pikestar

Kennel Trollskogen

Kennel Yeccu


Kennel Moonworkers








***Brasilien/ Brazil***


***Holland/ The Netherlands***

Kennel On The Rocks


Kennel Clouddancers
Kennel Flatcastles



***?strig/ Austria***



Kennel Flataholics
Kennel Springwater
Kennel Vom Retrieverzwinger




Kennel Agniola
Kennel Compendio




***USA/ USA*** ***Portugal/ Portugal***
Kennel Bertschire
Kennel Flatout

Kennel Kistryl
Kennel Saudades

Kennel Angelusparks
Kennel Marifield



***Sydafrika/ South Africa***
Kennel ZimZala



***Andre/ Others***

Dansk Flatcoat Klub

Dansk Kennel Klub

Dansk Retriever Klub


Hollandsk Flatcoat Club

Mediehuset Wiegaarden

Norsk Kennel Klub

Norsk Retrieverklub


Svensk Flatcoat Klub

Svensk Kennel Klub

Svensk Racedata

Svensk Spaniel- og Retriever Klub

Tysk Kennelklub

Tysk Retriever Klub

Vetgen, USA