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 f?dt 04.01.15 efter 

Caci's Dark Chocolate Of Love x Starworkers Read My Lips





 f?dt 06.05.14 efter 

Dakotaspirit Meripoika x Starworkers Piece Of Cake

Starworkers Walk On By
Starworkers Whatever It Takes
Starworkers Walk The Walk
Starworkers Why Settle For Less
Starworkers Watch Your Back

Starworker Wildest Dream
Starworkers Winter Wonder Land




 f?dt 24.05.13 efter 

CH Moonstruck Lucky Number x CH Starworkers Legend Continues

Starworkers Victory Challenge
Starworkers Viking Warrior
Starworkers Voice Of A Legend
Starworkers Vison Of A Legend
Starworkers View From The Top
Starworker Viva La Vida
Starworkers Valentines Day




 f?dt 26.08.12 efter 

CH Starworkers Makes People Talk x CH Starworkers Key To My Heart

Starworkers Undercover Agent
Starworkers Ultimate Challenge
Starworkers Up To Date
Starworkers United We Stand
Starworkers U-Turn Not Possible
Starworkers Undone Business

Starworkers Use Your Charm
Starworkers Up All Night
Starworkers Unlimited Love
Starworkers Unconditional Love
Starworkers Unique And Rare




 f?dt 20.06.11 efter 

Moonstruck Lucky Charm x CH Starworkers Flower Power

Starworkers Talk Of The Town
Starworkers This Is It
Starworkers Top Of The Class
Starworkers That's The Spirit

Starworkers Talk To Me Baby
Starworkers Tell Me About It
Starworkers To Good To Be True

Starworkers Time To Celebrate
Starworkers Team Spirit
Starworkers Twice As Good




 f?dt 13.04.11 efter 

Comics Blue Night In Acapulco x CH Starworkers Key To My Heart

Starworkers Standing Ovation
Starworkers Some Kind Of Trouble
Starworkers Show Me The Way
Starworkers Shine So Bright
Starworkers So Far So Good
Starworkers Show Some Mercy



 f?dt 19.09.10 efter 

CH Flat Power Criminal Intent x CH Starworkers Daily News

Starworkers Rock My World
Starworkers Right On Time
Starworkers Risky Business
Starworkers Ready Steady Go
Starworkers Remote Control
Starworkers Rest My Case

Starworkers Reality Star
Starworkers Read My Lips
Starworkers Right By Your Side




 f?dt 03.10.09 efter 

CHCH DEVDHCH Comics New Blue Chip x DEVDHCH Starworkers Flower Power

Starworkers Quiency Jones
Starworkers Quiet Please
Starworkers Quicksilver
Starworkers Quiz Show

Starworkers Quick Decisions
Starworkers Queen Of Hearts
Starworkers Quest For Victory
Starworkers Quits Or Double
Starworkers Questions To Be Asked
Starworkers Quickstep
Starworkers Quality Over Quantity




 f?dt 04.06.09 efter 

INTCH ITCH FICH Bullet Deep Soul x CH Starworkers Daily News

Starworkers Prayers Have been Heard
Starworkers Prince Charming
Starworkers Point Of View
Starworkers Private Eye
Starworkers Peter Pan

Starworkers Piece Of Cake
Starworkers Part Of The Game
Starworkers Proudly Presents



 f?dt 25.05.08 efter 

NUCH SUCH SVCH Engelen From Above x Compendio Vela Luka

Starworkers One Man Show
Starworkers Out Of Order
Starwirkers Open Invitation
Starworkers On Thin Ice
Starworkers Obsession By Nighttime
Starworkers Over The Rainbow
Starworkers Ooh La La
Starworkers One Of A Kind
Starworkers Owner Of My Heart
Starworkers Only The Lonely
Starworkers One Step Ahead
Rolex Replica Watches Starworkers Out Of The Blue



 f?dt 15.11.07 efter 

CH Starworkers Handsome As Hell x NORDJV04 DCHVDH Starworkers Flower Power

Starworkers Nothing Is Impossible
Starworkers No Mercy
Starworkers Need To Know
Starworkers No Matter What
Starworkers Now You Are Talking
Starworkers Never Look Back
Starworkers Nothing To Declare 




 f?dt 21.07.07 efter 

CH Starworkers Handsome As Hell x Black Amandas Leave Your Hat On

Starworkers Makes People Talk
Starworkers Makes The Difference
Starworkers Moments In Time
Starworkers Makes My Day
Starworkers Mixed Emotions




 f?dt 10.10.06 efter 

Sufford Galileo x WW02 MULTICH Moonstruck Jelly Baby

Starworkers Little Big Man
Starworkers Let's Get Busy
Starworkers Light My Fire
Starworkers Lucky Luke
Starworkers Legend Continues
Starworkers Love Of My Life
Starworkers Loving Feeling
Starworkers Little Mermaid
Starworkers Ladybird From Above




 f?dt 01.03.06 efter 

SUCH NUCH Branchalwood Aylancoll x Starworkers Daily News

Starworkers keep Up The Good Work
Starworkers Keep The Spirit Alive
Starworkers Knock On Wood
Starworkers King Of The Castle
Starworkers Keep Smiling
Starworkers Knock Out
Starworkers Kickstarter
Starworkers Keep Cool

Starworkers Kindred Spirit
Starworkers Key To My Heart




 f?dt 24.09.05 efter 

INTCH JWW02 Moonstruck Daredevil x Black Amandas Leave Your Hat On

Starworkers James Bond
Starworkers Jolly Jumper
Starworkers Jailhouse Rock
Starworkers Just Got Paid

Starworkers Joy And Laughter
Starworkers Just For Fun
Starworkers Just In Time




 f?dt 08.07.05 efter 

CH Starworkers Double Trouble x Starworkers Event Of The Year

Starworkers Indian Spirit
Starworkers In The Long Run
Starworkers Indiana Jones
Starworkers I'm Your Man
Starworkers Inside Information
Starworkers Impressive Freestyle
Starworkers It's Up To You
Starworkers I Am What I Am

Starworkers Icing On The Cake
Starworkers It's Showtime




 f?dt 10.03.05 efter 

NORDV03 NORDV04 FINV03 SU(U)CH NUCH Almanza I Hate On Mondays x WW02 MULTICH Moonstruck Jelly Baby

Starworkers Handsome As Hell
Starworkers Have A Nice Day
Starworkers Hold Me Tight
Starworkers Hold Me Tight
Starworkers Head Over Heels
Starworkers Heaven Can Wait
Starworkers Hit It Off
Starworkers How Do You Do
Starworkers Heart And Soul




 f?dt 28.07.04 efter 

CH Starworkers Double Trouble x Cariena's Fourty Eight Three

Starworkers Gunsmoke 
Starworkers Going For Gold
Starworkers Gentleman In Black
Starworkers Get-Away
Starworkers Ghoststory
Starworkers Goalkeeper
Starworkers Guess What's Up
Starworkers Grace And Glory
Starworkers Glamourgirl
Starworkers Goldrush
Starworkers Golden Times
Starworkers Guide To Succes



 f?dt 20.09.03 efter 

NCH Caci's Workshop  x Black Amandas Leave Your Hat On

Starworkers Feeling Groovy
Starworkers Free As A Bird
Starworkers Final Countdown
Starworkers Facing The Facts

Starworkers Flower Power
Starworkers Fassion Is My Passion
Starworkers Foreign Affair
Starworkers False Alarm



 f?dt 05.04.03 efter 

INTCH JWW-02 Moonstruck Daredevil x Cariena's Fourty Eight Three

Starworkers Even As We Speak
Starworkers Every Now And Then
Starworkers Empire Builder
Starworkers Evergreen Oak
Starworkers Eagle Eye

Starworkers East Of Paradise
Starworkers Entirely Yours
Starworkers Event Of The Year
Starworkers Ever So Charming
Starworkers Eyecatcher




 f?dt 22.11.02 efter 

Ch. Almanza I'm On Fire x Ch. Moonstruck Jelly Baby

Starworkers Dream On
Starworkers Dancer In The Dark
Starworkers Dancing Fireball
Starworkers Deep Feeling
Starworkers Duke Ellington
Starworkers Double Trouble
Starworkers Dealers Choice

Starworkers Danish Design
Starworkers Dressed In Black
Starworkers Dreamy Bluebell
Starworkers Daily News




 f?dt 14.06.01 efter 

Almanza Chocolate Brandy Wafer x Black Amandas Gift Of Life

Starworkers Cracker Jack
Starworkers Crash Boom Bang
Starworkers Calvin Klein
Starworkers Coctails And Dreams
Starworkers Chance Of A Lifetime
Starworkers Closer Than Close

Starworkers Caught By Surprice
Starworkers Catch Me If You Can
Starworkers Covergirl
Starworkers Crazy For You
Starworkers Coco Chanell
Starworkers Can't By Me Love




 f?dt 05.06.00 efter 

DKCH SCH INTCH Almanza S? In I Vassen x Black Amandas Gift Of Life

Starworkers Breaking The Waves
Starworkers Black Magic

Starworkers Beginning Of The Story
Starworkers Be My Baby
Starworkers Bestseller
Starworkers Back To Basic
Starworkers Born At Midtnight




 f?dt 11.06.99 efter 

DKCH SCH Moonstruck Blind Man's Buff x Black Amandas Gift Of Life  

Starworkers All About Money 
Starworkers Air Force One
Starworkers Among Friends
Starworkers All Or Nothing
Starworkers Allways On My Mind
Starworkers Ace Of Diamond
Starworkers Almost An Angel 
Starworkers Art Of Love
Starworkers Against All Odds
Starworkers Ask About Me
Starworkers All The Way
Starworkers As Good As It Gets



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